Kleingartenverein Bornholm II e.V. 

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With around 580 apple trees, Bornholm II offers a large number and a remarkable diversity of different apple varieties. 25 of which are on the red list of endangered native crops, originating from all parts of the world. The trees are up to 90 years old, which makes them particularly worth protecting. Important to note, that in the last 100 years around 75% of the previously existing wealth of plants has been lost. At the beginning of the 20th century a large number of apple varieties fell victim to a resolving procedure: their cultivation and the size and shape were classified as uneconomical. Many old apple varieties are particularly aromatic and versatile. That is why we allotment gardeners secure and guard their good taste by taking responsibility and protecting this cultural property from extinction.

Hermann Bading, who was a passionate gardener and a deserving member of the Bornholm II gardening association, created a very special apple tree. He was a master in grafting, a refinement method for fruit trees. The so-called scion branches - the annual shoots of a fruit tree - are firmly attached to the root stock or branch of a tree, so that they grow together. By grafting several apple varieties onto the branches of an old apple tree in his garden, Hermann created his wonderful “Naschbaum” (snacking tree).

Ever heard of “Geheimrat  Dr. Oldenburg”, “Goldrenette von Blenheim” or “Prinz Albrecht”? These are neither the founders of our allotment garden nor the members of its board of directors. These are representatives of historical apple varieties that we cherish, care for and harvest.

He so planned this apple tree that the grafted varieties ripen at different times and can be harvested one after the other. Thanks to his clever choice of varieties, his “Naschbaum” offers freshly harvested apples of the varieties Braeburn, Pinova, Gravensteiner, Reanda, Weißer Klarapfel, Cox Orange, Jonagored, Idared, Florina and Natyra over the course of many months. Hermann, who passed away in 2020, leaves this very special treasure of his garden mastery in lot 105.

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